Marquette, Michigan


The 45th Annual Meeting of the Institute on Lake Superior Geology was held in Marquette, Michigan May 4-8, 1999 at the Ramada Inn. The meeting was co-sponsored by Northern
Michigan University and Michigan Technological University. Robert S. Regis and Theodore J. Bornhorst co-chaired the annual meeting. The meeting was well attended with ]20 geoscientists registering from 10 different states, three Canadian provinces, and Switzerland. The meeting consisted of two pre-technical session and two post-technical session field trips, two days of technical sessions, and an evening banquet.

The Proceedings Volume 45 was published in two parts. Part 1- Program and Abstracts was edited by Robert S. Regis and Theodore J. Bornhorst. There were 33 published abstracts for the 22 oral and 1] poster presentations given in the technical sessions. Part 2 - Field Trip Guidebook, was edited by Theodore J. Bornhorst. There were 4 field trips and for two of them there were separate papers with supplementary information. The guidebook contained several colored maps and cross-sections.

Field trips continue to be an important component of the annual meeting of ILSG evidenced by 76% of attendees participating in 1 or more field trips. The guidebook contains 4 field trips:

    Field trip 1 was titled "Early Proterozoic strata of the Marquette iron range, Michigan" and was lead by W.F. Cannon. This one-day field trip had 30 participants who visited classic geologic localities in the Marquette area.

    Field trip 2 was titled "Archean Ishpeming greenstone belt and gold mineralization, Michigan" and was lead by T.O. Quigley, RA. Mahin, D.J. Duskin, R.C. Johnson, TJ. Bornhorst, and G.W. Scott. This two-day field trip had 28 participants and visited localities focused on lithology, structure, and gold mineralization. New data on several gold prospects were presented.

    Field trip 3 was titled "Tilden and Empire Mines of the Marquette iron range, Michgian" and was lead by G.W. Scott, P.M. Nordstrom, and H.M. Lukey. This one-day trip was very well attended with 45 participants. We thank the Tilden Mining Company and the Empire Iron Mining Partnership for allowing access to these two iron mines. Participants of this one-day field trip visited localities within the open-pit mines. This was the first time ILSG has visited either of these two mines. The last time a Michigan iron mine was visited by an ILSG field trip was 27 years ago in 1972.

    Field trip 4 was titled "Paleozoic and glacial strata from Au Train to Grand Marais, Michigan" and was lead by R.S. Regis and J. Anderton. This one-day field trip had 16 participants. This is the first time ILSG has had a field trip in the Munising area and participants were able to see and learn about the geology of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

The banquet was attended by 99 out of the 120 participants at the annual meeting. Nelson Ham of St. Norbert College gave an excellent talk on glacial processes along the southern edge of the Laurentide ice sheet. A highlight of the banquet was the awarding of the 1999 Goldich medal to Tsu-Ming Han for his contributions to the North American iron ore industry. It is interesting to note that Tsu-Ming delivered a paper at the first ILSG annual meeting in 1955 and another at this meeting some 45 years later.

The technical sessions included two invited papers: "Cross Margin Transport in Lake Superior" presented by Sarah Green and "A New Approach to Historical Reconstruction: Combining Descriptive and Experimental Paleolimnology" presented by Charlie Kerfoot. We are grateful to the solicited presentations made by industry personnel associated with Cliffs Mining Services, Tilden Mining Company and Empire Iron Mining Partnership. Two students were selected for outstanding presentations. Ulrich Puschner (Basel, Switzerland) was awarded $150 for his poster paper on metamorphism of the Portage Lake Volcanics in Michigan and Joy Loughry (Univ. Minnesota-Morris) was awarded $150 for her oral presentation on the Crowduck Lake Group, Kenora, Ontario. Three students, David Ams (Kent State Univ., Ohio), Dyana Czeck (Univ. Minnesota), and Ulrich Puschner were awarded Eisenbrey Student Travel Awards for a totalof$800. All of these students presented papers at the meeting.

The Institute's Board of Directors met on May 6, 1999 and the following is an overview of the meeting.

1. Accepted the Report of the Chairs for the 44th ILSG.
2. Accepted the 1998-99 ILSG financial report. There was discussion on methods to encourage student attendance through monetary and other means. A lower cost for students to attend field trips, just like meeting registration, was acceptable.
3. Discussed guidelines for the Goldich Award.
4. Maintained the composition of the Goldich Medal Committee for one year.
5. Discussed recasting of the Goldich Medal.
6. Discussed and approved 2000 meeting location in Thunder Bay with Kissin and Fralick  as co-chairs.
7. Discussed the possibility of a 2001 meeting in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan.
8. Discussed defraying the meeting expenses for the secretary-treasurer. The Board approved waiving registration for all meeting events (registration, field trips, and banquet).

9. Approved a Corporate Resolution for the secretary-treasurer to conduct investments. 10. Reaffirmed Board commitment to the ILSG Newsletter and Web page. The Web page will be reorganized by Laurel Woodruff and Ted Bornhorst.

11. Agreed that only one of the two co-chairs would continue as primary board member. Ted Bornhorst will be the representative from the 1999 meeting.

We wish to thank all of the people who lead and prepared materials for the field trips and made presentations. While field trips continue as the traditional strength of ILSG, the presentations provide a forum for discussion of Lake Superior geology. Of course, there are many others who we acknowledge for contributing to the success of a meeting including the session chairs, best student paper award committee, ILSG Board members, and the staff of the Ramada Inn. We especially thank Suki Smaglik for all of her volunteer help with registration. Last we thank all of those who attended the 45th annual ILSG meeting, for without them there would not be an ILSG. Our "break even" budget model was based on indicated pre-meeting interest. As a result of  
higher attendance than expected and some unexpected additional monies, the meeting generated a positive cash flow of a few thousands of dollars for ILSG.

We are personally satisfied with the overall outcome of the meeting and feel it was a success. While it is a lot of work to put on the ILSG annual meeting, it was well worth the effort. We encourage others to consider being chair or co-chairs of the ILSG annual meeting.

Ted Bornhorst and Bob Regis Co-Chairs of the 45th Annual ILSG