Report of the Local Committee
47th Annual Institute On Lake Superior Geology
May 9-12, 2001

Michael G. Mudrey, Jr.
Chair ILSG 2001
Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey

3817 Mineral Point Road
Madison, WI 53705-5100


The 47th Annual Institute on Lake Superior Geology was jointly hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Extension Geological and Natural History Survey and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Geology and Geophysics , in Madison, Wisconsin on May 9-12, 2001. Principal local committee members were M.G. Mudrey, Jr . and B.A. Brown, co-chairs, Robert H. Dott, Jr, and L.Gordon Medaris, Jr., Program-cochairs, and Kathleen M. Zwettler, Meeting Coordinator. Other principal individuals are listed in the Proceedings Volume.

Attendance at ILSG 2001
Eisenbrey Student Travel Awards 2001
Meeting Summary

Best Student Paper Awards

Banquet and Presentation of Golich Award
Meeting Photographs

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Attendance at ILSG 2001

A total of 172 professionals and student professionals attended the meeting, 82 of whom pre-registered by the April 2, 2001 deadline. A total of 26 students were registered, ten of whom requested and received travel assistance and had registration fees for the meeting waived.

Eisenbrey Student Travel Awards 2001

Ten students requested and received travel assistance form the Eisenbrey Student Travel Award Fund established to support student participation at the Annual Institute. Details, including criteria and application forms are available at the Eisenbrey website ( )

Justin Johnson-Lakehead University-Thunder Bay, Ontario -
    Fluid Inclusion Evidence for a Role for Hydrothermal Activity in the Roby Zone, Lac Des Iles Mine, Northwestern Ontario;
Becky Rogala-Lakehead University-Thunder Bay, Ontario -
    A Metamorphosed Evaporite Sequence from the Sibley Basin ;
Dan Bihari-Lakehead University-Thunder Bay, Ontario -
    Alteration and Pge-au Mineralization in the North Roby Zone, Lac Des Iles Mine, Northwestern Ontario;
Phillip Larson-University of Minnesota-Duluth -
    Potential for Copper Mineralization in the Animikie Group, Minnesota;
Michael Nemitz-University of Minnesota-Duluth -
    Mineralogical Variations in Iron-formation in the Thermal Metamorphic Aureole of a Diabase Dike;
Lisa Larson-University of Minnesota-Duluth - ;
Muhammad Asif Soofi-Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana -
    Post-rift Evolution of the Midcontinent Rift System: Some Numerical Experiments
Jason Odette-University of Wisconsin-Oskosh -
    Preliminary Evaluation of Hydrothermal Alteration Mineral Assemblages and Their Relationship to VMS-style Mineralization in the Five Mile Lake Area of the Archean Vermilion Greenstone Belt, Northeastern Minnesota ;
Trent Newkirk-University of Wisconsin-Oskosh -
    Preliminary Lava Flow Morphology Studies at the Five Mile Lake Vms Prospect, Archean Vermilion District, Ne Minnesota: Implications for Volcanic Processes, Volcanic Paleoenvironments, and VMS Exploration ;
Dan Schweitzer-Kent State University-Kent Ohio -
    Results of Igneous Thermometry and Barometry on the East-central Minnesota Batholith: Evidence for Post-emplacement Exhumation and Cooling .

Meeting Summary

The 47th Annual Institute on Lake Superior Geology Annual Meeting was held at the Sheraton Madison Hotel, the same location as the 1973 meeting. The 2001 meeting focused on hydrogeologic aspects of arsenic in groundwater, completion of acquisition of detailed regional geophysical data; the evolution of the post-Penokean--pre-Keweenawan crystal terrane of North American in 36 poster displays and 32 oral presentations . The two days of technical sessions were preceded by Field Trip 1 - Sedimentologic, Tectonic and Metamorphic History of the Baraboo Interval led by L. Gordon Medaris, Jr. , and Robert H. Dott, Jr. (University of Wisconsin-Madison) , and followed by Field Trip 2 - Upper Mississippi Valley Zinc-Lead District led by M.G. Mudrey, Jr. (Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey) and Thomas C. Hunt (University of Wisconsin-Platteville) and Field Trip 3- Industrial Mineral and Aggregate Resources of the Baraboo Interval Quartzites lead by Bruce A. Brown (Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey), Frank R. Luther (University of Wisconsin -Whitewater), James W. Schmitt (D.L. Gasser Construction), Susan M. Courter (Michels Materials) and Jennifer Lien (The Kraemer Company)

The meeting began with regional geologic summaries of the Pleistocene of Southern Wisconsin by D.M. Mickelson (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Lee Clayton (Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey), Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Paleozoic by Charles E. Byers (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Stratigraphic Metamorphic Analysis of the Baraboo Supracrustal Rocks of the Midcontinent by L. Gordon Medaris, Jr. , (University of Wisconsin-Madison). A series of invited presentations completed the morning of the first technical sessions three presentations on Aeromagnetic Investigations in the Midwest.

An invited presentation on an Overview of Arsenic Occurrences and Processes Controlling Arsenic Moblity in Ground Water by D. Kirk Nordstrom (U.S. Geological Survey) kicked off a special session of four papers on the Hydrogeologic Setting of Elevated Arsenic and Heavy Metals in Public and Private Water Supplies. General geologic topics completed the first day.

Three papers on the Midcontinent Rift started Friday morning, followed an invited symposium of eight papers on the Thermo-Thermo-Tectonic History of 1800 to 1200 Ma post-Penokean to pre-Keweenawan. The remaining significant presentations dealt with Archean and platinum-group element geology. The technical program was completed by 3:30 p.m.

Proceeding including Pat 1 (Programs and Abstracts) and Part 2 (Field Trip Guidebook) are available from the Institute .

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c/o Mark Jirsa, Executive Secretary 2642 University Avenue
St. Paul MN 55114-1057
Phone: (612)-627-4539
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Best Student Paper Awards for 2001 were presented to

Alissa Naymark-University of Wisconsin-Madison (oral) Cash award plus chrome-plated drill bit donated by Layne Northwest
Travis Sandland-Macalester College (poster)
Erin H. Phillips-Macalester College (poster)
Jason D. Odette-University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (poster)
Trent T. Newkirk-University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (poster)

Details of presentations are found in the Proceedings and Abstracts for the 47 th Annual Meeting .

After the break, Mike Mudrey and Bruce Brown regaled the remaining participants with previews of their field trips (Field Trip 3 was eventful in that a flat tire delayed the trip ( How many ILSGers does it take to change a tire? Three! Frank Luther, Mark Jirsa and Bob Reszka), and Brad Singer and John Valley lead the group on an impressive tour of the isotope laboratories in the Department of Geology and Geophysics. The entire group of ILSG participants remaining in Madison joined the Department of Geology and Geophysics Geology Club for the annual Departmental Picnic courtesy of contributions from Steve Kircher, Crandon Mine Development, Nicolet Minerals, and William J. Cronk, Layne Northwest, directly to the Institute.

Annual Banquet and Goldich Award

At the Annual Banquet Bruce R. Doe prepared, and Michael G. Mudrey, Jr. delievered a biographic history of Samuel S. Goldich who passed away on 20 December 2000 in Applewood, Colorado. After the introduction of 6 of the surviving Goldich recipients, an upbeat Gene LaBerge presented John S. Klasner with the Goldich Medal for 2001 for his contributions to the Institute and Lake Superior Geology. Tom Hunt illustrated the successful reclamation of the Ladysmith Mine of Kennecott Mining for the after dinner address, and Peter Hinz of the Ontario Geological Survey invited participants to the 48 th Annual Meeting in Kenora .

Selected Meeting Photographs

John Klasner awaiting Goldich Medal from Gene LaBerge

John Klasner (Western Illinois University - retired) waiting expectantly for Gene LaBerge (University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh retired) to present him with the 2001 Goldich Medal .

ILSG Bored Meeting

Peter Hinz (Chair, 2002, Kenora), Rod Johnson (Goldich Committee Chair 2002), Jim Miller (Goldich Committee Liaison) and Mark Jirsa (ILSG Executive Secretary) at the 2001 Bored [sic] Meeting

Sam Goldich on outcrop near Rice Lake, Ontario

Sam Goldich doing what he did best...looking at granite in the Rainy Lake District, 1969

Shullsburg Mine in its heyday (circa 1960)

Shullsburg Zinc-Lead Mine in its Hey-day (circa 1960)

Reclaimed Shullsburg Minesite

Shullsburg Minesite Today - Reclaimed

On Saturday, Field Trip 2 to the Upper Mississippi Valley Zinc Lead District visited numerous cultural locations and spent considerable time viewing both historic and modern metallic mine reclamation practice. The trip was not able to visit the last stop.

September 13,2001
Institute on Lake Superior Geology