Peter Hinz

Co-Chair ILSG 2002

The 48th Annual Institute on Lake Superior Geology was hosted by the Ontario Geological Survey on May 9-12, 2001. Principal local committee members were Peter Hinz and Richard C. Beard, co-chairs, Carmen C. Storey, and Kevin O’Flaherty Program co-chairs, Charles E. Blackburn, Field Trip Co-ordinator, M. Kathleen McGowan-Hinz, Treasurer, and Christine C. Blackburn, Secretary. Other principal individuals are listed in the Proceedings Volume.


Attendance at ILSG 2001


A total of 97 professionals and student professionals attended the meeting, 39 of whom pre-registered by the April 2, 2001 deadline. A total of 8 students were registered, 7 of whom requested and received travel assistance.


Eisenbrey Student Travel Awards 2001


Seven students requested and received travel assistance from the Eisenbrey Student Travel Award Fund established to support student participation at the Annual Institute. Details, including criteria and application forms are available at the Eisenbrey website.


Bogdan Nitescu                           University of Toronto – Crustal models of the Western Superior province from gravity and Lithoprobe seismic data.

Claire Sturm                                   Oberlin College, Ohio – Petrographic study of the Ottertail Pluton, Superior Province, Northwestern Ontario

Elizabeth Fein                               Oberlin College, Ohio – Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility in the Ottertail Pluton, Northwestern Ontario

Justin Johnson                             Lakehead, Thunder Bay – VHMS mineralization and alteration within the Lumby Lake Greenstone Belt, Northwestern Ontario

Becky Rogala                                Lakehead, Thunder Bay – New Information from the Sibley Group

William Jahn                                 University of Minnesota-Duluth

        Daniela Vallini                               University of Western Australia, Nedlands


Meeting Summary


The 48th Annual Institute on Lake Superior Geology Annual Meeting was held at the Best Western Lakeside Inn and Convention Centre, the same location as the 1985 meeting. The one-and-a-half days of technical sessions were preceded by: Field Trip 1 – Tanco Rare-Element Pegmatite, Southeastern Manitoba led by staff of the Tantalum Mining Corporation of Canada Ltd.; followed by Field Trip 2 – Quaternary Geology of Southeastern Manitoba led by E. Nielsen and Gaywood Matile (Manitoba Geological Survey); and Field Trip 3- Structure and Sedimentology of the Seine Conglomerate, Mine Centre Area, Ontario lead by Dyanna Czeck (Department of Geology, Oberlin College) and Philip Fralick (Department of Geology, Lakehead University)


Due to the small number of talks submitted, the Technical Session Chairs were unable to group talks into session themes.  The meeting began with an anecdotal history of mining in northwestern Ontario presented by Kevin O’Flaherty, followed by regional scale talks on the Western Superior Province.   The remainder of the technical sessions included a broad range of talks focussing on ground water, petrography, sedimentology, mineralogy and structural topics.  The final session ended at noon, allowing for an early departure of Field Trip 6 to Red Lake.  Post meeting trips included: Field Trip 4 – Industrial Minerals and Paleozoic Geology of Southeastern Manitoba; Field Trip 5 – Separation Rapids Rare-Element Pegmatite Field, Ontario; and Field Trip 6 – Geology of the Red Lake Camp.  All field trips ran smoothly considering the frigid conditions of early May in northwestern Ontario.  ILSG Secretary-Treasurer, Mark Jirsa was the lone participant of Field Trip 6 successful in obtaining samples from Goldcorp’s Red Lake Mine in Red Lake.  He was able to do this by cunningly embedding the samples in the back of his neck.  Upon returning to Kenora the samples were proudly displayed in a baggy kindly supplied by the staff of Red Lake’s Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital emergency room.


Best Student Paper Awards for 2002 were presented to: Becky Rogala¾Lakehead University-Thunder Bay, Ontario (oral) cash award; Elizabeth Fein¾Oberlin College, Ohio (Co-authors C.L. Sturm and D.M. Czeck) (poster) cash award; and Claire Sturm¾Oberlin College, Ohio (Co-authors D.M. Czeck and Fein) (oral) cash award.


Annual Banquet and Goldich Award


At the Annual Banquet Ted DeMatties presented the citation for Ernest K. Lehmann, recipient of the Goldich Medal for 2002 for his contributions to the Institute and Lake Superior Geology. L. Harvey Thorliefson, Geological Survey of Canada, provided a scintillating discussion on The Search for Diamonds in Canada for the after dinner address.  Laurel Woodruff and Bill Cannon of the U.S. Geological Survey invited participants to the 49 th Annual Meeting in Iron Mountain, Michigan .


Best Student Paper Awards for 2002


Becky Rogala – Lakehead University-Thunder Bay, Ontario (oral), cash award

Elizabeth Fein – Oberlin College-Oberlin, Ohio (poster), cash award

Claire Sturm – Oberlin College-Oberlin, Ohio (oral), cash award


Details of presentations are found in the Proceedings and Abstracts for the 48th Annual Meeting.


Proceedings including Part 1 (Programs and Abstracts) and Part 2 (Field Trip Guidebook) are available from the Institute .

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48th Annual Institute Meeting

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Kenora, Ontario

Board of Directors

Peter Hinz  (2002 General Chair)

Michael Mudrey (2001 Co-chair)

Steve Kissin (2000 Co-chair)

Laurel Woodruff: Proxy for Ted Bornhorst (1999 Co-chair and liaison with Goldich committee)

Mark Jirsa (Institute Secretary-Treasurer)


Phil Fralick (2000 Co-chair)

Carmen Storey (2003 Program Chair)

Kevin O'Flaherty (2003 Program Chair)

Bill Cannon (proposed 2003 Co-chairs)

Rod Johnson (Goldich Committee)

Frank Luther (Goldich Committee)


The following is based on the secretaries' notes and recollection; any omissions or misstatements are unintentional.  Motions by the Board of Directors are generally paraphrased—"approved" or "accepted" implying  that a motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.  The expression "generally agreed" carries less formality, but indicates a directive that will be pursued.  Some issues that were resolved after the Board meeting, but during the conference are included here for closure.




1.  Accepted report of the Chairs for the 47th ILSG, Madison, Wisconsin; as printed in the Proceeding Volume (Mudrey), and minutes of last Board meeting, May 10, 2001 (Jirsa)

2.  Received, discussed, and accepted 2001-2002 ILSG Financial Summary (Jirsa).

3.  Discussed and approved 2003 (49th annual) meeting location—Iron Mountain, Michigan, and tentative co-chairs Laurel Woodruff and Bill Cannon, USGS.  As currently envisioned, Ted Bornhorst will handle logistics of field trips.

4.  Approved Peter Hinz as on-going ILSG Board member.

5.  Discussed replacing Rod Johnson as the “member from industry” on Goldich Committee (end of term 2002) with several candidates including Dave Meineke of Meriden Engineering, Hibbing, Minnesota.  Dave later accepted the position and was welcomed, and Rod was thanked for his service to the Institute, during the annual banquet, .   Dave’s term will end after Goldich selection for the meeting of 2005.

6.  Discussed replacement of Jirsa as ILSG Secretary-Treasurer (end of 4-year term 2002).  A new member to the Institute, Peter Hollings of Lakehead in Thunder Bay, was instated as “Secretary-Treasurer in-training,” pending a vote by the general membership (as required in By-Laws).  Because of his newness to the Institute, the board generally agreed that Peter would serve 2 years of the 4-year term concurrently with Jirsa in a period of transition.  At the end of the 2 years (following the 2004 meeting), the finances and records of the institute, and responsibilities of the position would fall to Peter. 

This was presented to the membership after the Board meeting, and was generally accepted.

7.  Other business:

a) Discussed the offer by Mike Mudrey to take over as ILSG webmaster¾It was generally agreed that Mike could do that, assuming Ted was busy with other obligations and probably would not mind the relief.  Subsequent discussions indicate that Ted would like to continue in this endeavor, and has already paid in advance for 5 years of web service to continue.  It remains in Ted’s hands.

b) Discussed efforts by Graham Wilson to list ILSG publications as part of his MINLIB project and website ( ¾Steve Kissin volunteered to contact Graham and see if there is anything that the ILSG can and should do to assist.

c) Discussed the prospect of extending a “free ride” to annual Goldich Medal recipients.  It was generally agreed that registration costs should be paid by the annual meeting committee, and that lodging, meals, and travel costs could be paid, at the discretion of the annual meeting chairs.

d) Discussed the ILSG Newsletter¾Peter Hinz has offered to write it beginning in 2004 or so.  He can coordinate with Ted Bornhorst about that transition.  The topic of whether the Newsletter should remain paper, or be changed to a wholly electronic format was discussed and tabled.  Most seemed to think we should eventually switch to a web-based newsletter, perhaps with email notification.  This raised a further issue that members must be encouraged to notify the secretary-treasurer of changes in email address or other status.

e) Questionable sampling¾An issue was raised that at least one group of regular meeting participants has a tradition of using guidebooks to locate places for massive sampling programs.  In this one case, samples are sold to Wards or other rock and mineral specimen dealers.  The problems are 1) some of the localities discussed in guidebooks are on private land (and therefore trespassing is likely), and 2) taking large amounts of sample from some localities limits the use of these sites to future generations.  It was generally agreed that ILSG would print in their guide books a Policy Statement that warns of this “questionable sampling practice.”  Jirsa will create such language for inclusion in future guide books.

f) Discussed digital submission of abstracts¾Peter Hinz warns from experience that this practice can easily turn into a nightmare for preparers, particularly if the submitters don’t follow (or the host organization doesn’t specify) rigid guidelines for submission formats.   This includes both text and illustration formats.   A word to the wise.



Respectfully submitted on January 27, 2003 to Peter Hinz, Chair of the 48th annual meeting, for incorporation into the Report of the Chair to appear in Proceedings Volume 49.


Mark Jirsa

Secretary-Treasurer, Institute on Lake Superior Geology


2002 Best Student Paper Awards 

1)  Becky Rogala¾Lakehead University-Thunder Bay, Ontario ($400, oral presentation)

2)  Elizabeth Fein¾Oberlin College, Ohio ($50, poster; Co-authors C.L. Sturm and D.M. Czeck)

3)  Claire Sturm¾Oberlin College, Ohio ($50, oral; Co-authors D.M. Czeck and Fein)


2002 Eisenbrey Student Travel Awards

1)  Bogdan Nitescu¾University of Toronto ($250)

2)  Claire Sturm¾Oberlin College, Ohio ($200)

3)  Elizabeth Fein¾Oberlin College, Ohio ($200)

4)  Justin Johnson¾Lakehead, Thunder Bay ($150)

5)  Becky Rogala¾Lakehead, Thunder Bay ($150)

6)  William Jahn¾University of Minnesota, Duluth ($150)

7)  Daniela Vallini¾University of Western Australia, Nedlands ($400)


2002 Goldich Medal Recipient

Ernest K. Lehmann


MTU Archives Donation

A check for $100 was sent to Michigan Technological University Archives, as required by Board agreement ($1 per participant per meeting), for maintenance of ILSG proceedings archives.