2011 Report - Photo gallery

This gallery is a work in progress and we will be adding more photos as they become available. Check back regularly. If you have photographs you would like included please send them to the ILSG Secretary

Trip 1 - Igneous Stratigraphy of the Layered Series at Duluth

Jim Miller strikes a pose while explaining the Duluth complex geology (photo courtesy Karl Everett)

Jim Miller and Matt Chaffee (photo courtesy Karl Everett)

Graham Wilson (photo courtesy Karl Everett)

George Hudak helps with mineral identification (photo courtesy Karl Everett)

Layering in the Duluth Complex (photo courtesy Karl Everett)

Spectacular scenery in the Duluth Complex (photo courtesy Karl Everett)

Jim Miller (photo courtesy Karl Everett)

Jim Miller and Dean Rossell (photo courtesy Graham Wilson)

Jim Miller and Matt Chaffee (photo courtesy Jack Berkley)

Igneous layering (photo courtesy Jack Berkley)

Jim Miller explains the stop to the group (photo courtesy Jack Berkley)


The meeting

Mark Jirsa, John Green and Pennt Morton outside the conference venue (photo courtesy Jack Berkley)


Granite cores from the drilling of the shaft to the Cary Mine. The shaft was drilled from 1942 to 1944 (photo courtesy Jack Berkley)

The Friday BBQ at Northland College (photo courtesy Jack Berkley)

The Eisenbrey award winners - one heck of a lot of students! (photo courtesy Len Espinosa)

The student paper winners - Left to Right: Dan Cervin, Cabin Ross & Katherine Cummings - with Elizabeth Gordon teh awards Committee Chair (photo courtesy Len Espinosa)

Alumni, faculty and students from Lakehead (left) UMD (right) (photo courtesy Len Espinosa)

Mike Miller, President of Northland College, welcomes the attendees to the banquet (photo courtesy Len Espinosa)

Doug Duskin and Dean Rossell (photo courtesy Len Espinosa)

A gaggle of Goldichs (photo courtesy Len Espinosa)

Dr. Huifang Xu - this years banquet speaker (photo courtesy Len Espinosa)

Trip 5 - Bad River watershed culvert restoration program

Culverts (photo courtesy Graham Wilson)



Trip 6 - Geology of Copper Falls State Park

ILSG's first do-it-yourself field trip (photo courtesy Karl Everett)

Copper Falls(photo courtesy Karl Everett)

Coppper Falls (photo courtesy Karl Everett)

Watching the falls (photo courtesy Karl Everett)

Tom Fitz (photo courtesy Karl Everett)



Trip 9 - Granitic, gabbroic, and ultramafic rocks of the Keweenawan Mellen Intrusive Complex

Tom Fitz (photo courtesy Graham Wilson)


Examining the granite (photo courtesy Jack Berkley)

Xenolith rich granite (photo courtesy Jack Berkley)

Working through the rain on the Mellen trip (photo courtesy Jack Berkley)

Tom Fitz gets creative with the white board (photo courtesy Jack Berkley)