Joe Mancuso - 2007 Goldich Medal Recipient

Membership in the Institute of Lake Superior Geology is composed of government personnel who produce maps and other essential services; exploration geologists who walk the bush looking for ore deposits, and university professor who teach geology to future government personnel, exploration geologists, and professor. Membership also includes students who are learning the dimensions of the profession.

In addition to teaching, Joe was an active exploration geologist during the 40 years he taught at Bowling Green State University.

Joe has been an active member of ILSG for over 50 years. He attended the first meeting when he was an undergraduate student at Carleton College. During the past 50 years he has contributed more than 20 oral presentations and posters to ILSG meetings, plus 42 published papers and abstracts on the geology of the Lake Superior region. He also direct 39 MS theses on the geology of the Lake Superior region, as well as conducting annual field trips for his students to examine Precambrian geology in the field and in mines in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ontario.

Joe has produced some outstanding students. One brought two gold mines into production; another induced Freeport to drill Grasberg Mountain (4100 meters elevation) in Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Grasberg is now the largest single gold producer in the world interms of ounces and revenue per year. It is also a high profitable porphyry copper mine (225,000 tons per day milled) that has produced the cash to Freeport to purchase Phelps-Dodge.

Another student recognized the alteration associated with a blind VMS deposit in Manitoba and directed a successful drilling program. He was recognized for this achievement by being named "Prospector of the Year" by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada. Another student collected the grab samples on the J-M platinum/palladium layer in the Stillwater layered Igneous Complex in Montana. This layer now supports two mines: Stillwater and Boulder. Finally, two of his students did the grab and development sampling at the Jarrett Canyon gold mine prior to being brought into production.

Joe, you earned the Goldich award.

Submitted by Ron Seavoy