Honouring the Pioneers of Lake Superior Geology

At the suggestion of Gene LaBerge, the 2016 executive board agreed to implement a program to recognize historic pioneers in the understanding of geology in the Lake Superior region. Beginning with the 2017 annual meeting, nominations will be accepted from the membership for geologists whose work was conducted primarily before inception of the institute in 1955. Biographical sketches of those pioneers will be presented at future annual meetings so that all might appreciate the value of their contributions. Selection of nominees will be decided in part by the organizing committee of each year's annual meeting, in consultation with the Board, to ensure equitable geographic representation in the selection process.

The following guidelines were established:

The Board will review this policy as needed.

Approved by the Board May 10, 2022

The Pioneers

2017 Douglass Houghton
2021 Newton Horace Winchell
2022 Thomas Leslie Tanton

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