ILSG Student Paper Awards

Each year, the Institute selects the best of the student presentations and honors presenters with a monetary award. Funding for the award is comes from registration at the annual meeting. The Student Paper Committee is appointed by the annual meeting Chair in such a manner as to represent a broad range of professional and geologic expertise. Criteria for best student paper-last modified by the Board in 2001-follow:

    1) The contribution must be demonstrably the work of the student.

    2) The student must present the contribution in-person.

    3) The Student Paper Committee shall decide how many awards to grant, and whether or not to give separate awards for poster vs. oral presentations.

    4) In cases of multiple student authors, the award will be made to the senior author, or the award will be shared equally by all authors of the contribution.

    5) The total amount of the awards is left to the discretion of the meeting Chair and Secretary-Treasurer, but typically is in the amount of about $500 US .

    6) The Secretary-Treasurer maintains, and will supply to the Committee, a form for the numerical ranking of presentations. This form was created and modified by Student Paper Committees over several years in an effort to reduce the difficulties that may arise from selection by raters of diverse background. The use of the form is not required, but is left to the discretion of the Committee.

    7) The names of award recipients shall be included as part of the annual Chair's report that appears in the next volume of the Institute.

Student papers will be noted on the Program.

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February 9, 2004