Membership Criteria for the
Institute On Lake Superior Geology

Approved May 8, 1997. Amended by the Board—May 6, 2004, May 8, 2008

A. Membership in the Institute on Lake Superior Geology requires either participation in Institute activities, or an indication on a regular basis of interest in the Institute. Those individuals registering for an annual meeting will remain as members for 4 years unless: 1) they indicate no further interest in the Institute by responding negatively to the statement on meeting circulars “Remove my name from the mailing list”; or 2) two successive mailings in different years are returned by the postal service as address unknown.

B. The Secretary will maintain a list of current members. The list will include the date of the beginning of continuous membership, dates of returned mail, dates of last contact (expression of interest), barring a change of status initiated by the member.

C. “Member for Life” status is granted to individuals who have been (nearly) continuous participants of the ILSG meetings for 15 years, Goldich Medal recipients, or those who have served as meeting chairs. This status will be further maintained unless the individuals indicate no further interest in the Institute, or they are deceased.

D. All members will be Emailed the First Circular for the Annual Meeting and the ILSG Newsletter. The Chair of the annual meeting may opt to send the first circular to additional individuals. All failed Email addresses should be reported to the Secretary.

E. The Secretary can designate any individual who is on the ILSG membership list (mailing list) as of January 1, 1997 as a member for life based on participation in ILSG activities.

F. Members are strongly encouraged to send address corrections to the Secretary to avoid unintentional lapse of membership. It is the members responsibility to insure that their Email address in file is current.

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