2017 Report - Photo gallery

This gallery is a work in progress and we will be adding more photos as they become available. Check back regularly. If you have photographs you would like included please send them to the ILSG Secretary

Mark Jirsa gaining perspective duriing pre-meeting travel - probably explaining helping to explain why Mark has won both the Homer and the Survivor awards (photo by Ryan Clark)

Trip 1Al Mactavish on Coldwell complex (Photo by Jirsa)

Trip 1 Mark Puumala providing context (Photo by Mark Jirsa)

Trip 1 at Hemlo roadcuts (photo by Ryan Clark)

Best Student Presentation Winners (courtesy Len Espinosa)

Eisenbrey Student Travel recipients (courtesy Len Espinosa)

MRGS award recipients (Len Espinosa photo)

Goldich Medal Recipient Phil Fralick with former recipients (Len Espinosa photo)

Trip 4 Mark Smyk taking a closer look (Len Espinosa photo)

The newly exposed trench on Field Trip 4 (Len Espinosa photo)


Trip 4 - Harold Tracanelli from Richmont Mines (photo by Amy Radakovich)

The soon to be replaced Wawa Goose (Len Espinosa photo)