Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

The Ontario Geological Survey hosted the 52nd Annual Institute on Lake Superior Geology meeting on May 10-11 2006 in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. The meeting consisted of two days of technical sessions with two pre-meeting and four post-meeting field trips. Pete Hollings and Mike Mudrey provided invaluable technical assistance with the web site and Anthony Pace provided on site assistance with the audio-visual component of the program. Gerry Bennett, Mike Easton, Mike Hailstone and Anthony Pace provided assistance with field trip preparation. Vivienne Coté and Roger Poulin (Ontario Prospectors Association) and Marc Gaudreau and Anthony Pace (Ontario Geological Survey) provided aid with the loan, retrieval, delivery and set-up of the poster boards for the poster session. Lisa Bagnall, Scheduling Office, was the on site co-ordinator with the Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology. Total registration for the meeting was 110 students and professionals.

Proceedings Volume 52 was published in six parts: Part 1 - Proceedings and Abstracts, edited by A. C. Wilson contained abstracts for 19 oral presentations and 21 posters; Part 2 - Glacial Lakes Algonquin and Nipissing Shoreline Bedrock Features: Mackinac Island, Michigan - Field Trip Guidebook; Part 3 - Unusual Diamond-bearing breccias of the Wawa Area - Field Trip Guidebook; Part 4 - The Huronian Supergroup between Sault Ste Marie and Elliot Lake - Field Trip Guidebook; Part 5 - Keweenawan Rocks of the Mamainse Point Area - Field Trip Guidebook and Part 6 - Geological Guidebook to the Paleoproterozoic East Bull Lake Intrusive Suite Plutons at East Bull Lake, Agnew Lake and River Valley, Ontario - Field Trip Guidebook. All guidebook volumes were edited by R. P. Sage.

Last held in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario in 1974, a return visit to the area allowed participants to take part in a smorgasbord of new field trips. On Monday, May 8, Gerry Bennett, assisted by Mike Hailstone, led a two-day field trip to examine the classic stratigraphy of the Huronian Supergroup in the Elliot Lake and Searchmont areas. The next day, Ann Wilson introduced a rain-soaked but enthusiastic crowd of participants to the unusual diamond-bearing breccias of the Wawa area. Following the conference four field trips were held: Ann Wilson reprised the Wawa field trip; Tom Hart and Anthony Pace's trip examined the Keweenawan rocks along the Lake Superior shoreline; Ron Sage led a small group of bicyclists to Mackinac Island to examine bedrock exposures there; and Mike Easton and Dick James (Laurentian University) took a group east of the Sault to investigate a suite of intrusive rocks along the boundary between the Archean Superior and the Proterozoic Southern provinces. (Pictures of these trips can be found in our photo gallery)

Eighty-five participants attended the Annual Banquet. Dr. Ed Walker gave the after dinner key note address providing his insight into the "Emplacement and Geochemistry of Archean-aged diamondiferous rocks of the Wawa Area". Jim Miller presented the 2006 Goldich Medal to Mike Mudrey for his 30 years of contributions to the understanding of the regional geology and for his service to the Institute.

The student paper committee consisted of Dan England, John Klasner and Norm Trowell all of whom conscientiously deliberated over the four oral presentations and four poster presentations. The winners were:

2006 Best Student Paper Awards
1) Patrick Moran - Lakehead University ($250, winner best oral presentation)
2) Amanda Gross - Kent State University ($250, winner best poster presentation)
3) Noah Planavsky - Lawrence University ($50, honourable mention oral presentation)
4) Ryan Bartingale - University of Wisconsin ($50, honourable mention poster presentation)

In addition, Eisenbrey travel awards were presented to:
1) Noah Planavsky - Lawrence University ($150)
2) Jenny Murphy - Lawrence University ($150)
3) Clare Stielstra - Lawrence University ($150)
4) Davis Voights - Lawrence University ($150)
5) Penny Stonier - Kent State University ($200)
6) Amanda Gross - Kent State University ($200)

The Institute's Board of Directors met on May 10, 2006 and a brief summary of the meeting follows.

1. Accepted the Report of the Chairs for the 51st ILSG from Mark Smyk and Pete Hollings, and the minutes of the last Board meeting, May 26, 2006 from Pete Hollings.
2. Received, discussed and accepted the 2005-06 ILSG Financial Summary from ILSG Treasurer, Mark Jirsa.
3. Approved Ann Wilson as the on-going board member.
4. Approved 2007 (53rd annual) meeting location as Lutsen, Minnesota with Laurel Woodruff as chair.
5. Replaced George Hudak, academic member, on the Goldich Committee with Dick Ojakangas.

The 52nd meeting was not without its challenges, including the last minute resolution of a strike at Ontario's Colleges. However, no challenges were insurmountable and the meeting and field trips went off without a hitch. We thank all individuals who contributed to the success of the meeting, including the staff of Sault College, the bus drivers from AJ Bus Lines Limited and Reid Bus Line, volunteer field trip leaders and drivers and the Ontario Geological Survey. The field trips were astonishingly well attended and we are grateful for the kind feedback that we received from the field trip participants.

Both of us were extremely satisfied with the 52nd meeting. We appreciated all of the positive feedback from the delegates who enjoyed a return visit to the Sault. As always, we wouldn't have succeeded without the continuing support of the ILSG members.

Respectfully submitted
Ron Sage and Ann Wilson
Co-Chairs, 52nd ILSG Meeting


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