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Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the ILSG Board of Directors has made the touugh decision to hold a virtual Zoom-based, online conference, comprising four, 3-hour Technical Sessions on May 11, 14, 18 and 21, 2021, respectively. No field trips, virtual or otherwise, are planned for this meeting. The first circular can be downloaded here.

Both oral and poster presentation submissions are encouraged. Live oral presentations are strongly encouraged, but recorded presentations will also be allowed if necessary. Guidelines for creating and submitting recorded presentations, digital posters and abstracts are provided in the Guide For Presenters.


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If you would like to sponsor the meeting please contact the meeting Chairs


Registration for the virtual meeting will be rerquired but will be free. Stay tuned for details


The deadline for receipt of abstracts is April 15, 2021

Submit abstracts to Mark Jirsa (jirsa001@umn.edu)

Authors must submit a print-ready abstract in both PDF and MS Word formats.  When submitting your abstract, please indicate your preference for oral vs poster presentation, or no preference.  Those selecting the latter option will be contacted to plan accordingly.  Abstracts should follow the ILSG format, using recent Proceedings Volumes available online as a guide.  Text should be single-spaced, with a maximum of 2 pages, including text, figures, and references.  Use top, left, and right margins of 1,” and bottom margin of 1.3.” The abstract volume will be printed in black and white, although the PDF available online will appear in color.  Thus, authors need to ensure that color figures reasonably reproduce in black and white.  Authors may choose to submit two versions of abstracts: one black and white for the printed proceedings, the other in color for posting online.


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