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Sam Goldich Medal

Award Guidelines and Past Winners

(Adopted by the Board of Directors, 1981; amended 1999)

The Institute on Lake Superior Geology was born in 1955, as documented by the fact that the 27th annual meeting was held in 1981. The Institute’s continuing objectives are to deal with those aspects of geology that are related geographically to Lake Superior; to encourage the discussion of subjects and sponsoring field trips that will bring together geologists from academia, government surveys, and industry; and to maintain an informal but highly effective mode of operation.

During the course of its existence, the membership of the Institute (that is, those geologists who indicate an interest in the objectives of the ILSG by attending) has become aware of the fact that certain of their colleagues have made particularly noteworthy and meritorious contributions to the understanding of Lake Superior geology and mineral deposits.

The first award was made by ILSG to Sam Goldich in 1979 for his many contributions to the geology of the region extending over about 50 years. Subsequent medallists and this year’s recipient are listed in the table below. To read a biography of Sam, compiled by Mike Mudrey, click here.

Award Guidelines

1) The medal shall be awarded annually by the ILSG Board of Directors to a geoscientist whose name is associated with a substantial interest in, and contribution to, the geology of the Lake Superior region.

2) The Board of Directors shall appoint the Goldich Medal Committee. The initial appointment will be of three members, one to serve for three years, one for two years, and one for one year. The member with the briefest incumbency shall be chair of the Nominating Committee. After the first year, the Board of Directors shall appoint at each spring meeting one new member who will serve for three years. In his/her third year this member shall be the chair. The Committee membership should reflect the main fields of interest and geographic distribution of ILSG membership.

3) By the end of November, the Goldich Medal Committee shall make its recommendation to the Chair of the Board of Directors, who will then inform the Board of the nominee.

4) The Board of Directors normally will accept the nominee of the Committee, inform the medallist, and have one medal engraved appropriately for presentation at the next meeting of the Institute.

5) It is recommended that the Institute set aside annually from whatever sources, such funds as will be required to support the continuing costs of this award.

Nominating Procedures

1) The deadline for nominations is November 1. Nominations shall be taken at any time by the Goldich Medal Committee. Committee members may themselves nominate candidates; however, Board members may not solicit for or support individual nominees.

2) Nominations must be in writing and supported by appropriate documentation such as letters of recommendation, lists of publications, curriculum vita’s, and evidence of contributions to Lake Superior geology and to the Institute.

3) Nominations are not restricted to Institute attendees, but are open to anyone who has worked on and contributed to the understanding of Lake Superior geology.

Selection Guidelines

1) Nominees are to be evaluated on the basis of their contributions to Lake Superior geology (sensu lato) including:

a) importance of relevant publications;
b) promotion of discovery and utilization of natural resources;
c) contributions to understanding of the natural history and environment of the region;
d) generation of new ideas and concepts; and
e) contributions to the training and education of geoscientists and the public.

2) Nominees are to be evaluated on their contributions to the Institute as demonstrated by attendance at Institute meetings, presentation of talks and posters, and service on Institute boards, committees, and field trips.

3) The relative weights given to each of the foregoing criteria must remain flexible and at the discretion of the Committee members.

4) There are several points to be considered by the Goldich Medal Committee:

a) An attempt should be made to maintain a balance of medal recipients from each of the three estates—industry, academia, and government.
b) It must be noted that industry geoscientists are at a disadvantage in that much of their work in not published.

5) Lake Superior has two sides, one the U.S., and the other Canada. This is undoubtedly one of the Institute’s great strengths and should be nurtured by equitable recognition of excellence in both countries.

Goldich Medalists
1979 Samuel S. Goldich
1980 not awarded
1981 Carl E. Dutton, Jr.
1982 Ralph W. Marsden
1983 Burton Boyum
1984 Richard W. Ojakangas
1985 Paul K. Sims
1986 G.B. Morey
1987 Henry C. Halls
1988 Walter S. White
1989 Jorma Kalliokoski
1990 Kenneth C. Card
1991 William J. Hinze
1992 William F. Cannon
1993 Donald W. Davis
1994 Cedric Iverson
1995 Gene LaBerge
1996 David L. Southwick
1997 Ronald P. Sage
Zell Peterman
Tsu-Ming Han
John C. Green
John S. Klasner
Ernest K. Lehmann
Klaus J. Schulz
Paul W. Weiblen
Mark Smyk
Mike Mudrey
Joe Mancuso
Ted Bornhorst
2009 L. Gordon Medaris
2010 W. Addison & G. Brumpton
2011 Dean Rossell
2012 Jim Miller
2013 Tom Waggoner
2014 Laurel Woodruff
2015 Rodney Ikola
2016 Mark A. Jirsa
2017 Philip Fralick
2018 Val Chandler
2019 Mark Severson

Not awarded

2021 Allan MacTavish
2022 Terrence J. Boerboom
2023 Peter Hollings

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